Quartz worktops are an extremely durable surface like granite. As they are a manufactured solid surface they have a uniformity and consistency of colour and pattern that you cannot achieve with granite which is prized for its natural beauty.

Due to the fact that quartz worktops contain a small percentage of resin and that they are man-made, purer lighter colours can also be achieved. A pure white is available in the quartz ranges that is almost impossible to achieve in a natural stone worktop.

As well as purity of colour, vibrancy of colour can also be achieved to create amazing pink surfaces from a pale flamingo to stunning fuchsia, pacific blue, apple and lime green. Silver, mirror like flecks added to black and other rich, dark granites create stunning contemporary style!

We currently work with many suppliers including: Silstone, Samsung, Compaq, Ceasarstone. For a full range of colours and samples please contact us.